Targeting Customers with Dealership Equity Marketing

Posted by Deal Finder on July 30, 2014

[Posted July 30th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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When you think of dealership equity marketing, you may think of targeting your customer based with new, innovative ways to boost sales. That’s certainly true, but you can also engage in opportunities for positive equity positions through buyback programs, handle follow up calls and generally manage all of your sales initiatives from one place. Through resources like DealFinder Live’s Virtual BDC, you can obtain used vehicle inventory while giving customers what they want and boosting revenue at the same time.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Why limit yourself to one medium when it comes to advertising? Resources like Equity DealFinder can help you explore database opportunities you never thought existed before via multi-channel marketing to target the audience that’s seeking the services you offer. Don’t let your one-time customers stagnate. Instead, use dealership equity marketing to transform one-time buyers into frequent buyers by letting them know the irresistible offers they can take advantage of with you. You can also reach out to your existing customers and offer to slash their payments or upgrade to newer models that may appeal to them.

What Does a BDC Do?

A BDC, meaning Business Development Center, is a resource commonly used by automotive dealerships to handle all the inquiries that come into the business via phone, Internet and other methods. It’s also designed to follow up with customers on service calls and regular maintenance, provide equity and promotional calls, manage email campaigns, update marketing prices, coordinate lease returns and manage dealer reputation. Backed by nearly 20 years in the BDC arena, DealFinder BDC delivers on promises of 70 percent higher contact rate than other dealers, 65 percent survey completion rate and 10 times more appointments via direct mail.

A solid BDC employs the use of multi-channel marketing to draw results, leading to an increase in showroom sales appointments and overall customer satisfaction. You need a well-oiled BDC to handle the recent surge in Internet leads and other traffic being driven to the showroom floor as of late. According to Automotive News, visits to auto dealer websites increased by 16 percent in just one year from 2011 to 2012. Those numbers continue to rise, making it difficult for regular staff members to handle the increase not only in Internet inquiries but also in mobile phone calls and text messages. With about eight calls required to reach an Internet lead, this generates a lot of work on the part of staff to be able to keep up with. A BDC takes on all that added work and creates a seamless transition. As an automotive dealer with equity position management, you’re already ahead of the game to increase sales volume month after month.

Get Results

Choosing a system like DealFinder Live’s Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System, you can explore your equity and trade position to the hilt while hitting all of your prospects at once. The life cycle encompasses a lot more than equity, though, which is just one part of an overall 10-tier strategy that can provide you with effective, proven results thanks to customized value proposition marketing. Employing an effective strategy means you can handle everything you need to boost equity in your brand through one single source.


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