Understanding the New Tools of Dealership Marketing

Posted by Deal Finder on March 13, 2014

[Posted February 26th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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As the owner of a dealership, you should be apprised of the latest technologies out there that help you run your business more efficiently. DealFinder Live’s new tool can help you achieve just that. DealFinder is considered the preferred choice when it comes to dealership marketing tools and the following are some features of the tool you can use to your advantage.

How Dealership Marketing Can Boost Your Business

DealFinder’s dealership marketing tools can help bring in more business for you and retain those customers you do have by maintaining loyalty levels. Based on its XRM integrated marketing solution, dealerships can explore more opportunities without spending more on additional advertising. In addition, the platform can encourage more revenue into all departments, thanks to a highly comprehensive and thorough platform with several features available. Components that can benefit from the plan include high mileage, payment and interest rate vehicles, service CP and finance contract opportunities, declined OP code marketing, service penetration and service retention. The automotive BDC is another area of the solution as well, providing assistance for dealerships that are on the lookout to generate new business and enhance existing business. A well-implemented BDC can not only identify dealership assets but also can make the most of opportunities that are designed to generate revenues. You can also effectively build up the loyalty of your customers and focus your sales efforts coming from a variety of sources.

Effective Tools for Your Dealership

DealFinder is equipped with a whole suite of dealership marketing tools to attract customers, with initiatives that can provide targeted campaigns, thanks to high-impact marketing strategies, live agent programs, and reporting and metrics components that are easily tracked and recorded. Equity DealFinder can deliver increased databases thanks to multi-channel marketing which allows you to boost retention and transform your one-time buyers into life-time buyers. This program relies on proven methods rooted in nearly 20 years of BDC experience in the BDC arena, much higher custom contact rates (in fact, 70 percent higher) than your average dealer, and a survey completion rate of about 65 percent.

Loyalty DealFinder is a comprehensive marketing solution that gives you fully automated,  high-impact lease and payment options for customers on a regular monthly basis for seamless integration. In-Market DealFinder offers critical insight into Internet Behavioral Marketing through a comprehensive network of thousands of automotive websites that can help you stay ahead of the competition at all times. The Internet WatchDog tool ensures your Internet department is as powerful and productive as possible, complementing the efforts of your staff members and increasing customer contacts. This system has several benefits, including customized programs that can complement your follow-up processes with increased conversion on old leads; scheduled qualified sales appointments; virtual reports of customer expectations; reporting for all kinds of calls and leads, and the ability to configure sales scripts to further enhance your dealership’s branding strategy.

DealFinder’s dealership marketing tools are preferred within the industry because they are not only comprehensive and thorough, addressing all aspects of the overall marketing strategy, but they are also easy to use and implement in any dealership setting, large or small.



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