The Many Ways Automotive Direct Mail Can be a Successful Marketing Tool

Posted by Deal Finder on November 13, 2013

[Posted November 13th, 2013 by Keith Shetterly]

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Many new and used car buyers will spend time searching the Internet for great deals before they actually step foot into a dealership to start test driving vehicles. Dealerships, however, will not be able to finalize a sale until customers actually visit the dealership’s lot. One of the most significant challenges that today’s auto dealerships face relates to converting those potential leads who are just casually shopping online into interested buyers who are ready to visit the dealership personally. By finding an effective way to convert these leads into sales, they can boost profits with great results. While there are different approaches that different dealerships can take to achieve the desired results, automotive direct mail is a highly cost effective marketing solution that auto dealerships can consider. Targeting a Defined Audience with Direct Mail With an automotive direct mail marketing campaign, dealerships will be able to refine their mailing list to target specific consumers. With all mailing lists, you can refine your marketing campaign by zip code. If you have purchased a detailed list, you may have consumer information like which neighborhood or apartment complex the consumer lives in, how old the consumer is and other data. This can allow you to customize your target audience based on specific criteria. In some cases, you may also use your existing database of previous clients whose vehicles may a few years old and who may be ready to make a trade. Often, the best approach is to use an existing database of past clients as well as a new list of potential new clients for the most comprehensive benefits. Creating a Tailored Message for Each Mailer In addition, with a direct marketing campaign, the message on postcards, letters and other pieces can be tailored specifically to focus on a specific audience. For example, homeowners in a high-end neighborhood may receive a promotional piece about a luxury sedan offered by the dealership while those who live in a budget-minded apartment complex may receive a piece announcing a sale on a small coupe. By creating a tailored message that is focused so that it appeals to the target audience, your results from a direct mail marketing campaign may be most effective. After all, there may be numerous different niche market segments that you need to reach with your efforts, and this provides you with a cost-effective way to do so. Offering Incentives to Shop Now  Finally, with a direct mail marketing campaign, auto dealerships can announce special incentives that encourage shoppers to take action now. For example, incentives to visit the dealership may include limited time offers, holiday promotions, a limited selection of inventory remaining and more. Incentives may be customized to suit the target audience’s interested, and these incentives may also be combined with tailored messages about specific vehicles. Generally, incentives include a call to action that entices consumers to stop shopping online and to actually visit the dealership for personalized sales assistance. There are many marketing methods that auto dealerships can and should employ today. For instance, there is no denying the fact that dealerships can benefit significantly from listing their inventory online and using online marketing strategies to drive consumers to their company website. However, direct mail marketing campaigns can also be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts with fabulous results. These campaigns can help to transform online shoppers into consumers who are actively driving to the dealership and who are interested in making a purchase.


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