Ways to Utilize an Automotive BDC

Posted by Deal Finder on November 5, 2014

[Posted November 5th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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As an arm of customer relationship management (CRM) software provider CAR-Research XRM, DealFinder functions as a business development center, or BDC. The term refers to a call center of customer service representatives, who are responsible for using software to connect potential and current customers to the appropriate departments of a dealership. An automotive BDC is viewed as an essential tool for boosting revenue through sales and service appointments.

Increasing Sales and Service

Utilize an automotive BDC as a vehicle sales and service machine. With most people starting their vehicle inquiries on the Internet, sales associates can promptly respond with a variety of methods, which include phone, email and text. They can set appointments for potential customers to come in and better assist them in their search for the desired vehicle. The BDC can also increase dealership revenue through maintenance and repairs. Most dealerships have service department, and they can facilitate more sales for such divisions by sending customers electronic reminders on essential maintenance duties, such as oil changes. Indeed, dealerships can actually convert service customers into purchasers of vehicles by pointing out the advantages of trading a car for a new or certified pre-owned (CPO) one. Such advantages include enhanced or more advanced features, warranty upgrades, and cost of ownership savings.

Promotions and Marketing

An automotive BDC can also be used as a marketing machine. Year after year retail business throughout the United States run sales incentives on holidays and holiday seasons, which include Christmas, New Year, President’s Day, and Thanksgiving. And the automotive dealership business is no exception. Promotions can be on certain vehicle models, interest rates, and maintenance and repairs. Drawing from robust databases that comprise several bits of information—which include phone numbers, addresses, and emails—representatives using the BDC feature can send these promotions to customers. This is especially crucial for attracting people who are yet to buy from the dealership; there is always a chance that they might react favorably to some incentives. BDC marketing efforts can also target people who are up for lease renewals or have finance contracts that are about to expire.

Follow Up and Customer Service

Automotive BDC can to improve customer service. It can help sales associates give accurate and appropriate responses to clients, based on their needs or concerns. For instance, the dealership software system has customized call phone scripts for guiding customer service representatives. That way, customers feel confident in knowing that the dealership’s employees know what they are doing. Dealerships can also boost customer service by granting discounts, following up with customers that are yet to buy a vehicle, and sending thank-you email notes to customers who have purchased at the dealership.

SSI Index and Surveys

Others utilize an automotive BDC as a customer satisfaction booster. Depending on the purpose for coming to a dealership, customers fill out surveys: customer satisfaction index (CSI) for vehicle buyers, and service satisfaction index (SSI). These surveys collectively have a reputation for being the backbone of a dealership because it helps businesses figure out what they need to do better. CSIs and SSIs ultimately aid dealerships in enhancing the customer experience, increasing positive feedback, and generating more repeat business and referrals.


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