What is Automotive Direct Mail?

Posted by Deal Finder on July 9, 2014

[Posted July 9th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Direct mail is touted by many as an effective tool for automotive lead-generation applications, as it can increase sales, customer loyalty and the bottom line. DealFinder in particular offers a comprehensive automotive direct mail program with the goal of boosting a variety of sales initiatives. When used in conjunction with live phone calls, emails and automated customer follow-throughs, you can use this crucial form of dealership marketing to your advantage.

Let Direct Mail Work for You

Whether you choose to send out hard-copy coupons, coupon codes for online perks or reply cards, the key is to play off the recipient’s desire to win something or save money. When you offer someone $1,000 off a new car when they bring a coupon into the dealership, they’re much more likely to follow through on that request than if you were to send out a glossy brochure just detailing a few cars you may have on sale. Target something they can’t resist and you’re ahead of the game. Connecting on a basic level with your potential customers is an important part of the whole process, because it gives them an irresistible reason to call you or come down to your dealership. However, a phone number and address is not enough. Always include not only your web site address but also your social media page. Automotive direct mail can be used in conjunction with sites such as Facebook and Twitter to keep the relationship going long after they’ve thrown out your mailer.

Update your social media page frequently to show customers you’re committed, timely and dedicated to making sure they stay informed. Post special offers, promotions, contests and more to keep customers actively engaged in your dealership. If you let your website or social media pages get stale, customers may get the message you’re not available if they need you, or have an immediate question which needs an answer.


Overall, direct mail is effective because it engages your target audience, leading to more traffic.You may meet objection to automotive direct mail from others within your industry. They may say it’s far too expensive for what you get in return. However, you know that it’s all about the ROI. You know that what you’ll gain in customers far outweighs the money you put into sending out those mailers. Your goal is to hook those customers who are in the market for a new vehicle at that very moment, swaying their decision to possibly visit another dealership in their search. Giving them something concrete, such as a date for a promotion, makes them an active participant in your campaign. Instead of throwing your mailer away, they’ll keep it and make use of it, whether that’s a coupon or a contest.

There’s a reason direct mail has been around so long and that’s because it’s effective. Direct mail spending in this country totaled $45 billion just in 2013, with a 25 percent rate of response over email’s rate of response at 23 percent. Incorporate DealFinder’s automotive direct mail services into your daily operations for a successful return on investment. Translate that to more people on your showroom floor, and you’ve got a recipe for success.


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