What is Equity Marketing?

Posted by Deal Finder on September 7, 2014

[Posted September 7th, 2014 by Keith Shetterly]

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Equity marketing is a crucial component of any business, but car dealerships in particular. Why? This concept reflects the true value your brand name holds for the products and services you provide, acting as an extremely strong influence of your sales and market share. You can command a higher price, a strong presence in the community and a more solid customer loyalty base when you employ equity marketing tactics. This is true of multi-channel marketing resources like Equity DealFinder, which can assist you in exploring database opportunities to pinpoint your core audience. This often comes in the form of a business development center, or BDC.

Core of a BDC

When you conjure up images of equity marketing for your auto dealership, innovative ways to pick up sales likely comes to mind. Yes, you can increase your sales with a BDC approach but you can also look into additional opportunities for strong equity positions when you employ a central resource that will handle everything in one place like DealCenter Virtual BDC. This is the place where you can get access to all your vehicle inventory while giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Branch out with Multi-Channel Marketing

There’s no need to limit your dealership to one form of marketing when there are many forms out there. Through the Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System, you can drill down into your prospects through the maximization of equity and trade positioning. Equity is only one part of a multiple-tier solution to giving your customers personalized value that garners results each time. It’s too easy to let your one-time customers fall off without luring them back in. Everyone’s busy, so you can’t use that excuse. Instead, use this opportunity to your advantage to turn one time buyers into multiple-time buyers. How? Show them offers they can’t refuse, such as cutting their payments or giving them an upgrade. Keep their interest piqued and they’ll come back.

How does a BDC Help?

You can increase your rate of customer contact and their loyalty in your dealership with a well-integrated BDC as part of your marketing approach. A BDC does many things, including tackling all inquiries that come into the business through a variety of methods, such as phone, Internet, text and email. You can easily follow up with your existing customers in regards to service calls and regular maintenance, make calls, manage campaigns, update your prices, manage lease returns and generally maintain a strong overall dealer reputation.

DealCenter BDC has 20 years of in-the-trenches experience in the BDC arena, boasting 70-percent higher contact rate over the competition. Using this type of marketing approach draws the results you need, which helps you make more showroom sales appointments and foster high customer satisfaction. Your regular staff members can’t always handle the up-tick in Internet, mobile phone and text inquiries along with traffic on the showroom floor, but a BDC can take on the extra work and make for a smoother transition. With DealFinder Live’s Automated Customer Life Cycle Marketing System, you can employ an effective strategy to handle everything you need to increase equity in your brand through a central location.


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